JBJ Truck and Trailer Parking is in the Parking services since January 1st 2001. JBJ Truck and Trailer Parking is strategically located at the north-east corner of Steeles Ave and Bramalea RD in Brampton Ontario.


We cut down the costs for our customers by way of providing:


  • Safe and Affordable Truck & Trailer Parking Lots.
  • We have very competitive rates. Our prices are very affordable.
  • We offer a safe, secure place to park Trucks, Trailers.
  • Security Cameras.


We also offer:

  • Cross docking (Switchload - Crossdocksystem).
  • Big paper roll cross docking.
  • Flat bed cross docking.
  • Transportation services available on request.
  • Shunt Trucks and dedicated shunting services are available.
  • Skid wrapping services are available.
  • Repacking services.
  • We sell empty skids.
  • Warehouse services are available by skid and by square feet.
  • Loading & unloading, floor load container and trailer.
  • Same day in and out services are available.
  • Appliances storage is also available.
  • Round the clock services (24 hours) on prior request. 
  • Warehouse space is available upto 40000 square feet.



Safety & Security

We offer the best security in the parking & storage business. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with round-the-clock security staff on site.